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Home Care in Maplewood, Washington WA

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Advanced Health Care is a locally owned and operated home care agency serving the needs of people in Maplewood, WA since 1984. Not only do we serve our clients' needs with compassion and excellent care, but we offer both home care aides as well as nurses to serve clients with a wide variety of home care needs – from basic home care to complex care.

We serve a variety of clients from children to adults and the elderly. Home care services in Maplewood, Washington are available to help clients with short-term illnesses, recovering from accidents, recovering from surgeries, long-term care, chronic illnesses, ongoing needs, pediatrics, end of life, rehabilitation, diabetes, memory care and dementia care.

Perhaps you or your loved one has recently been hospitalized and needs help during the recovery process. Maybe you are faced with a new health care diagnosis and this requires that changes be made in your life style. Our Home Health Care Aides can help you with the necessary adjustments. All of our employees and clients in Maplewood, WA Washington are supervised by nurses – so clients get the best care possible at competitive pricing.


Hourly Visit Services in Maplewood

Advanced Health Care's Home Care Services can be scheduled to suit your personal needs. Our services are offered on an hourly basis with a 2 hour minimum. We can set up a regular schedule for you. Our visit service is great for those patients looking for:

  • Companionship and simply someone to check in on them.
  • Diabetic needs and blood sugar testing.
  • Help with taking medications in the proper doses.
  • Light housekeeping, laundry, preparing and cooking meals.
  • Running errands, shopping and doctors' visits

These are just some of the challenges that Advanced Health Care's caregivers can help you with.


24-hour Care in Maplewood

Advanced Health Care also offers 24-hour live-in service for clients in stable health who require continuous supervision. This includes clients that are suffering from Alzheimer's, Dementia, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, heart problems/disorders, and other chronic diseases.

Our live-in Caregiver services are also great for those clients who are recovering from surgeries or short term illness.

Home Care 24-hour services include:

  • Help with taking medications in the proper doses at the proper times.
  • Taking clients to check-ups and doctor appointments in Maplewood and the surrounding area.
  • Helping with daily routines such as getting in and out of bed, showers and getting dressed..
  • Post-operative care for clients who are recovering from surgery.
  • Companionship, playing games and taking clients to social events.
  • Light housekeeping and laundry.
  • Preparing and cooking nutritional and well balanced meals.
  • 24-hour supervision for patients in need of memory care.


"Opening Doors to Creative Home Care Solutions in Maplewood"

Advanced Health Care is a licensed home health agency serving the needs of people in Maplewood, WA who choose to receive personal or nursing care in the comfort and convenience of their own home or other residential care setting. Our family of appreciative and satisfied clients is a testimony to the attentive, professional home care that our employees have provided over many years of faithful service.

All of our services in Maplewood, WA, including home care aides, skilled nursing and transportation and recovery care, are provided under the direct supervision of knowledgeable and experienced registered nurses. Combining our efforts with those of the clients’ personal physicians and other health care providers, we are able to ensure that the home care experience is as productive and satisfying as possible.


Our Promise

We are committed to providing each client with quality, affordable home care in Maplewood, Washington. We promise to respect and protect the rights of each person and family we serve. We dedicate ourselves to caring for each of our clients with the same thoughtfulness and sensitivity as we would any member of our own family, offering encouragement, support and an attentive ear.

And finally, we pledge to provide care with a personal touch, doing those extra things that can often mean so much.

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Home Care Aides Provide Personal Care &
Household Services in Maplewood, Washington

Our Home Care Aides in Maplewood, Washington are readily available to provide personal care and household management services that enable our clients to safely maintain their independence, sense of well-being, and security in their own Maplewood homes. Our licensed practical and registered nurses can assist in this effort by providing more skilled and complex nursing services when medically required.


Skilled Nurses in Maplewood, Washington

Our licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs) can provide more skilled and complex nursing services to patients when medically required. Skilled nursing often helps people feel better, function more independently and learn to take care of their health needs. Skilled nursing is provided by an RN or LPN in your or your loved one’s home when prescribed by a physician.


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