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Here for You

“Their attitudes are more on the clients. One caregiver said I am here for you. That is what they are about. They are here for me.” Donna T., October 2019

Keeping Track

“The helper that I have now is super. She does whatever I ask her to do. She listens carefully, she remembers what I am supposed to be doing, and she reminds me. It is nice to know that she is keeping track. She is very good” Carolyn S., October 2019

Keeping Clients Safe

“They have extended his life in a very positive way. They have helped him by doing things that conserves his energy and keeps him safe.” Dalwyn, October 2019

Qualified Staff

“They’re a flexible, capable, friendly, and qualified staff.” Jerry C., October 2019

Sincere Caregivers

“My caregiver has been wonderful because she’s very sincere and makes sure that I’m comfortable” Louise L., October 2019

On-Time People

“They are on-time people. If somebody doesn’t show up to work, they make sure they get someone in. If we need anything, we can call and tell them. They always let us know who is going to come out.” Eva P., September 2019

Compassionate Caregivers

“They understand what I’m going through and what I went through. They are very helpful and compassionate. They let me know I’m not alone.”Murray S., September 2019

Pleasant & Professional

“I found that they were very professional. I liked the two different care providers I had. They were very good, very pleasant, and very professional. They were also very aware of how to deal with a person in their home.”Kathy F., September 2019

Excellent Caregivers

“The people who come to care for Cheryl know what they’re doing, and they care. It’s made my life a lot easier. Lori and Claudia are excellent caregivers.” Alan H., August 2019

Modesty and Gracefulness

“I have had all my caregivers for 4 years, and they are amazing. During the showers, they handle me with modesty and gracefulness. They have become like my family.” Lisa F., August 2019

Positive Attitude

“I appreciate her positive attitude and that she takes any advice that I give her. I like that she comes in with a smile on her face.” Jean B., August 2019

Help When Loved Ones Are Away

“When my wife and I are at work, it is good knowing someone is there taking care of my dad and his needs.” Bill S. Jr, August 2019

Positive Interactions

“I like how they interact with my mom. They don’t just sit there silently. I can tell they take good care of her by how they interact.” Rebecca W., March 2019

Friendly Caregivers

“I appreciate that my caregivers are very friendly. They help me out, and they go above the call of duty. They also provide me with the materials that I need. They work their hours, and they provide extra help when I need it.” Willie S., March 2019

Everything I have Ever Needed…

“They have been wonderful. They have always been on time. I don’t have anything bad to say about it. They have been everything I have ever needed.”Louise L., March 2019


“I know when I leave my mom with the caregiver that she will be well taken care of. I do not have to worry about her.”Rebecca W., March 2019

Exceptional Communication

 “The caregivers both have Craig’s best interest in mind, and they are good at communicating with me if I have concerns or question.” Marilyn B., February 2019

Sensitive, Kind and Patient

“We adore Stacy. She foresees Mom’s needs before she even asks for things. She is efficient, warm, caring, sensitive, kind, and patient. She does everything she needs to do, and she is wonderful.” Deb N., February 2019

On-Call Scheduling Available 24/7

“Daun’s voice on the phone is always so reassuring and comforting.  She understands what I’m going through with my dad and goes out of her way to accommodate us and our requests, no matter how trivial they may be.”

Patient Caregivers

“Larisa knows how to speak to him, she has patience, she doesn’t get upset, and she does things that he really needs. She’ll play games with him to help his dementia and make food for him.” Zena C., December, 2018

Readily Available Nursing Supervisors

“We absolutely love our caregivers. They are prompt at returning phone calls, the billing process has gone very well, and the nursing supervisor is readily available to take our calls.” Lettie D., December 2018

Confidence in Caregivers

“I like that my mother is getting excellent care. I feel that she is in good hands when I leave. I am confident in all the aspects I have seen.” Karen S., December 2018

Pleased with Care

“The caregivers are on top of things. They come out and check up on us, and I have been very pleased with my caregiver Miranda.” Dalwyn O., December 2018

Positive Caregivers

“There has never been anything that I needed that Roxie hasn’t helped me with. She is on time and always has a smile on her face,”Stephen T., November 2018

Good Communication

“They are light years beyond any other company that I have had. I like the documentation. They supervising nurses have good communication, and the office has good communication. They are providing good caregivers.” Priscilla G., November 2018

Taking Interest in Client Concerns

“They take interest in what they do, and they take concern with my concerns.” Clide C., November 2018

Helpful Office Staff

“The office is very good and very helpful. They respond and they reply, so I don’t know what more I can ask for,” Albert B., November 2018

Follow Through in the Office

 “I think that the people that they have working for them are very good. They communicate and follow through. They have given my mom special assistance when I was out of town. They followed through and helped me out.” Mary Ellen R., November 2018

Respectful Caregivers

“They’ve been really good to me. They’re respectful, prompt, helpful, and they listen. I’m very happy. I really appreciate them,” Harvey D., November 2018

Calm throughout the Storm

“Judy was wonderful! I was quite anxious with this whole admission process, and Judy was the calm to my storm! I appreciate her so much! I was thinking about interviewing other agencies, but Judy sold me!
—Kim, October 30, 2018

Exemplary Service

“We wish to commend our caregiver, Sally, for her exemplary service. She anticipates our wants and needs. She makes helpful suggestions to keep our household running smoothly. She does more than is asked of her. She has a great sense of humor…Of all the caregivers we have, Sally is number one.”
—Art and Lois R., September 2018

Cheery, Patient & Kind

“Jillian is really great. If I know she’s the one coming, i don’t have to worry. i know that Jillian will be on-time and will know exactly what I need, even before I ask. She takes very good care of me and she makes me feel happy and special while she’s here. She’s always cheery, patient and kind, even when it’s hard. I really appreciate her.”
—Sharon K., September 2018

Efficient, Knowledgeable & Kind

“When Angii is at my home, not only do I have to drink a whole glass of water, she insists on making me a hot lunch. Then we sit and have a good visit. Being visually impaired and outliving all my friends (I am 96), Angii’s upbeat view on life makes me feel good. having someone to engage in interesting conversation is important to me. Angii and I freely exchange stories about our lives. Our time together flies by. Angii is efficient, knowledgeable and kind. What more could I ask for?”
—Patricia R., September 2018

Look Forward to Caregiver Every week

Cynthia is really wonderful and I look forward to her coming every week. She never complains and is a really hard worker. She’s reliable, attentive, and can be really funny.”
—Sharon K., September 2018

Above and Beyond

“Ashley is super, super outstanding! She’s got a great personality, lots of kindness, and she’s very thorough. When I have my seizures, that is sometimes hard for caregivers to learn how to deal with and she handled it the first time out and got it right away. She is always smiling and has a good attitude. I’ve never seen her down.”
—James V., September 2018

Exceptional Care

“The care they give is very good. Debra, the supervisor, is very good. I like Advanced Health Care!”
—Song Do D., September 2018

Above and Beyond

“April makes sure my husband’s needs are always attended to, gets what he needs, and she will go above and beyond and do extra stuff.”
—Deborah E., September 2018

Available Night and Day

“It’s easy to get a hold of [Advanced Health Care] night or day. When I have had to cancel or change things, they have been willing to do that and they will call and get a caregiver that wasn’t originally scheduled.”
—Rhonda C., September 2018

Compassionate Caregivers

“Compassion is hard to explain, but when they talk to me, they come to eye level and speak on my level. They also treat me with respect.”
—Brian C., August 14, 2018

Prompt, Helpful & Efficient Caregivers

“The caregivers are prompt, helpful, and efficient. They take care of their people”
—Mary B., June 1, 2018

When Substitutes are Needed

“We are really impressed with the company. If something comes up, they are always very good at calling with enough notice. They are very good at getting my mom a substitute and asking my mom if that’s what she wanted. They have always been very kind and courteous.”
—Deb. N., June 13, 2018

Wonderful Caregivers

“Thank you to my angel Hilary who God sent to be our caregiver. I can’t find enough words to express what a wonderful person she is. My husband is now at the Washington Veterans Home, and we will miss her very much. I appreciate your organization for always working with me on the hours and days that were required for his care. If I ever need help again, I will definitely call Advanced Health Care!”
—Louise J., April 4, 2018

Love & Care

“We all want to thank all the wonderful caregivers that helped with Sally with your love and care. Carla, Ashley, Amanda, you are all so wonderful! Thank you!”
—Providence SoundHomeCare & Hospice, April 20, 2018

Easing Nervousness for Bathing

“Our services are going really well! It’s been better than I could ever have expected. The caregiver Rebekah was wonderful and very professional. I was very nervous and embarrassed to have to have someone help bathe me, but she instantly put me in a “good comfort zone.” She helps me with everything and doesn’t hesitant to ask if he needs something. Rebekah is top knotch!”
—Glen E., March 28, 2018

Outstanding Care

“I want to convey my thankfulness and gratitude for Cassandra’s outstanding care for my father, Roscoe. Cassandra goes above and beyond.”
—Iris, March 28, 2018

Patient Caregivers

“I am very pleased with the care that Jessica provided. She was a pleasure to have in my house. Jessica was very patient with my husband and I was so relieved to hear that she was coming back this Friday.”
—Carol F., March 28, 2018

Transportation Service Compliment

“Hillary was very nice and interesting.  This is a wonderful service that your company provides. I felt compelled to call and let you know.”
—Martha C., March 9, 2018

Quiet, but Calming Approach

“Erl worked for my husband today. I was so grateful to have him today. Erl was very helpful. He was very quiet, but that he had a very calming approach with my husband. He knew just what to say to help calm both me and my husband down when he became agitated. He takes direction well and went with the flow of things. I wish all caregivers would be like Erl – we would take him back as much as possible.”
—Frances A., February 27, 2018

After being in the Hospital and Nursing Home…

“Being in the hospital and nursing home these past few weeks has made me realize that my caregiver Denise is an exceptional CNA.  I knew she was good before, but now I’ve had care from a lot of people and none of these caregivers are like Denise.  She is a great person, we have great rapport, and she does a great job with my care.  I hope I get to have her when I get back home because she is a wonderful caregiver.  I appreciate the care that I get from you all and Denise should know how good she is.”
—Robert F., February 21, 2018

Excellent Transportation Services

“Maria provided transportation to a colonoscopy for me on Friday. She was very nice – I enjoyed visiting with her prior to my procedure. The entire transportation service went really well. I was anxious prior to my procedure, and Maria helped distract me while we were in waiting room. Maria didn’t just drop me off at my house after the procedure was over, either. She made sure that I was feeling well enough before leaving. I wouldn’t hesitate using your services again and would highly recommend your services to anyone.”
—Anna S., February 12, 2018

Exceeding Expectations

“Ariel exceeded my expectations and was by far better than any caregiver we had with our previous agency. Ariel is great and takes excellent care of my husband. We are looking forward to having her come again next Thursday.”
—Jan S., January 26, 2018

Caregivers showing Patience & Kindness

“I was very pleased after Hillary’s first shift with my husband. Hillary walked in with a smile and was happy the whole time she was working. I didn’t think I had enough for her to do, but Hillary found a way to keep busy! Hillary was also showed extreme patience and spoke very kindly to my family. We are happy to have Hillary back at any time.”
—Elaine L., January 24, 2018


Jillian was by far the best caregiver that my friend Nina has had.  She was warm and friendly but still presented very professional.  Nina spoke very highly of their conversations together and of Jillian’s work ethic.
—Wendy H., January 10, 2018


“The caregiver jumps in and does what is needed. She is good at reminding my husband to take his medication, and encourages him to go outside.”
—Sue Ellen F., November 2017

Professional and Caring

“AHC has professional workers, they are on time, and there are no excuses. They approach my husband with care.”
—Christine K., November 2017

Helping family when they can’t be there

“Maurice can no longer care for himself so Advanced Health Care is very helpful. He can live the way he always lived, stay clean, and have help doing things he can’t do. I don’t have to be there trying to help him every day.”
—Sandra B., October 2017

Good Communication

“We are very pleased with our caregivers form Advanced Health Care, Inc. They have provided caregivers who are able to provide the care that my husband needs, and they have a nurse who comes periodically to check on him. They are good at communicating with us about any changes.”
—Marilyn B., October 2017

Trained Caregivers

“Advanced Health Care is dependable, thorough, and excellent. Even the new caregivers that are coming are really good. They’re doing training before they get here.”
—Ron S., October 2017

Finally able to relax…

“Sambri is such a professional; she instantly calmed my nerves. She started working as soon as she arrived and was very cheery and smiled the whole time that she was at my home. I’m finally able to relax.”
—Sally M., September 1, 2017

Calming nerves

“Elizabeth was an excellent caregiver this morning. She calmed my nerves about having a stranger in the house.  Elizabeth didn’t have to be instructed at all and started working the minute she arrived. I can’t wait to have her come again.”
—Maria S., August 4, 2017

Taking the time to get to know the client

“Courtney was a wonderful caregiver for my father. She took the time to get to know my dad – he would listen to her when he wouldn’t listen to anyone else.  Courtney was the most compassionate and good spirited person I have ever met. I especially appreciate that she worked the entire time with a smile.”
—Autumn D., July 31, 2017

Knew what to say and do

“I want to thank Vonetta for the kind care she provided for my mom. Vonetta was there before my mom declined and was very comforting after she passed. My mom was extremely hard to get along with and Vonetta took the time to talk to her and get to know her more than anyone. Vonetta stayed and made sure that my family was okay after she passed and knew exactly what to say and do.
—Kathy N., June 16, 2017

Extraordinary kindness and care

“I want to thank Jolene for her extraordinary kindness and care. Jolene was very professional and comforted my mom and family immensely. She went above and beyond what was expected. I would recommend her to anyone. ”
—Kathy N., June 16, 2017

Making clients feel comfortable

“Courtney is a wonderful caregiver! I enjoyed her company, and I was able to hold lovely conversation with her the whole shift. She made me feel comfortable while taking a shower (for the first time since I’ve been home) and even helped me get outside safely so I could sit on my porch and enjoy the fresh air.  I can’t believe how quickly the time went by and am looking forward to having her come again tonight.  ”
—Nancy C., May 1, 2017

Willing to Learn

“Vegas did a wonderful job at my home.  I really enjoyed her and how she was so willing to learn about my needs!”
—James V., April 24, 2017

Great Caregiver

“Gail has been a great caregiver for me. She is always happy when she comes to work and that makes me happy. I look forward to her coming and am glad I gave her a shot!”
—Brad S., April 20, 2017

Wouldn’t Trade for 1000 Caregivers!

“Stacy is the absolute best caregiver. I wouldn’t trade her for 1000 caregivers. She had a smile on her face the whole time she was at my house  and listened to every thing I said!”
—Harvey D., March 29, 2017

Engaging  Clients

“Judy is doing a great job with my father. She will jump right in to what needs to be done. My dad really enjoys the conversations he has with Judy – she engages him and asks him about things he enjoys.”
—Marcie E., March 1, 2017


“I was reluctant to try Alanna but is glad I did.  Alanna is terrific and really on the ball. She was prompt, kind, and helps keep my house tidy.”
—James C., February 3, 2017

Attentive and Jumps Right In

“Amy is very attentive and was able to meet my mom’s care needs as well as comfort my family as my mom’s health declines. She has a great personality and isn’t afraid to “jump right in.” She also completed many of the household tasks without being asked.”
—Theresa S., December 21, 2016

Professional and Knowledgeable Caregivers

“Tiffany was just wonderful! She reportedly acted very professional and was extremely knowledgeable about my condition. She is welcome back any time!”
—Joan P., December 5, 2016

Comforting Care

“I would like to thank Advanced Health Care for providing 24 hour care for my Mom (in Gig Harbor) during the last week of her life.  It was so comforting to have Julie Ferguson answer the phone when I called in for help.  I could not have done it without them, as her care was physically demanding and required two people.  The caregivers, Valessa and Larissa, were life savers.”
—Carolyn D., November 8, 2016

Exceeds Expectations

“Jocelyn exceeded my expectations. Even thought the shift time was very early in the morning, she was still on time and very professional. Jocelyn calmed my “pre-surgery” nerves and knew exactly what to say and how to say it.”
—Mary V., November 7, 2016


“Karen is outstanding! She does her job quietly but takes the time to inquire about us because she cares.”
—Ron S., October 7, 2016

Careful and Cautious

“Mary Ann is very careful and cautious when helping me.  She is pleasant to speak to and does everything she is asked to do.”
—Eva P., October 4, 2016

Unforgettable Caregivers

“In all my years of needing care, and there have been a lot, I have never met anyone as wonderful as Teresa.  She is the best of the best.  I wish I could take her with me! I will miss her very much.  I will never stop thinking about her and how much she has done for me.”
—Robert P., September 20, 2016

Finding Common Ground

“Kevin was very “smooth” with his transfer of my husband and was very gentle when he cared for him. He made my husband feel comfortable and talked to him about their military backgrounds .”
—Carol E., August 28, 2016

Wonderful Caregivers

“Michaela is wonderful, learns quickly and is pleasant to have around. I am very comfortable with her and am happy to have her back .”
—Judy M., August 19, 2016

Exceeds Expectations

“I had an instant connection with Meghan.  I was tentative when she first arrived because she appeared to be young, but she exceeded my expectations.  Meghan is patient, kind, and a hard worker. She did not stop working the entire time that she was at my house.”
—Ida, July 7, 2016

Patient & Proactive

“Our caregiver Jian is really nice and patient with my stubborn father. She is proactive and doesn’t have to be told what to do. She is very professional and really pleasant to talk to.”
—Judy, June 13, 2016

Outstanding Caregiver

“The Advanced Health Care caregivers have done so many things well, and my primary caregiver Danielle is really outstanding. She runs to the pharmacy for me when I don’t feel like it. I appreciate how she does the laundry and the great food she makes.”
—Christine H., June 9, 2016

Kudos to Nursing Supervisor

“Advanced Health Care did a fine job of finding the kind of person that I would enjoy being with. I give kudos to the nurse case manager who interviewed me originally.”
—Colleen L., June 3, 2016

Ready to Work

“Mona is always on time. She always has a smile on her face – She is always dressed professionally with her name tag on. She comes in ready to work and gets there 10-15 minutes before her shift officially starts. When she comes in, she is ready to work, which is hard to find these days.”
—Gaynelle M., June 3, 2016

Thank you!

“Thank you for sending caregiver Diane to our home.  Diane was very patient with my husband and was very easy to talk to.  I finally feel comfortable with leaving my husband to go to work.”
—Debra G., June 1, 2016

Caregivers Go Above and Beyond

Photo of Senior couple relaxing outside

“I am so appreciative of the care my husband is receiving from Nicole.  Nicole goes above and beyond – she does not simply do the chores requested, but she has a special way of connecting with the client. She always makes sure that he feels safe, that his needs are met, and encourages his confidence  level by being there with him as he does various activities.  I would like to make sure Nicole is recognized for the wonderful job she has been doing, and the extra special care she has been providing for my husband.”
— Julie C., Olympia, April 7, 2016

Caregivers Brighten Day

“Shereen is a wonderful, caring caregiver. She brightens my day when she comes and I look forward to her coming. Shereen cleans items that I never even thought about cleaning and she always has a “contagious smile” on her face.”
— Samuel M., Tacoma, March 25, 2016

Honest and Patient Caregivers

“My caregiver Karen has more patience than I have ever encountered, and she is honest. I  don’t know if I have met such a person like her.”
–Patricia N., Olympia, March 18, 2016

Gratitude for AHC and Caregiver

“I would like to extend my gratitude to Advanced Health Care and especially to my fatherPhoto of Senior Couple Laughing‘s caregiver Leanne.  I would not be able to have my father at home if it wasn’t for Leanne. Leanne has a very calm approach and is very proactive when she’s at my home. She does all tasks she is asked to do and has been able to deal with any situation she is handed.”
–Sherilee S., Tacoma, February 19, 2016

Pleased with Care

“I would like you to know how pleased I am with the care Astrid is providing me. Our personalities have meshed very well in a short time. I have had such a positive experience so far with Advanced Health Care, especially with looking forward to each visit with Astrid.”
— Jeanne H., Steilacoom, January 24, 2016

Putting the Needs & Care of Clients at Top Priority

“Advanced Health Care provides a high quality of home care and home health for our seniors and vulnerable citizens who do not qualify for Medicaid. They are highly ethical and put the needs and care of their clients as their top priority. It is important that seniors have access to safe, licensed home care in our communities and Advanced Health Care does a great job of providing that service.”

Leslie Emerick

One of the Best if not The Best Homecare Agencies in Washington

“The Advanced Health Care staff has been nothing but professional and courteous. I consider Advanced Health Care one of the best homecare agencies if not the BEST in Washington. Many times in the past when I needed information or needed to troubleshoot problems or issues with Veterans, Julie and her staff responded immediately and in a timely and professional manner. I have and will continue to recommend Advanced Health Care to Veterans or private citizens in the community for home care services.”

Tim Happeny
VA Contract Nursing Home Program Case Manager

Great Working Relationship

“We enjoy a great working relationship with Advanced Health Care.”

Catherine Koziar
Director of Hospice
Providence SoundHomeCare and Hospice

Advanced Health Care is the #1 Name I Give Them

“As the manager for the hourly care program at Gentiva, I felt the philosophy of care for clients as well as hiring caregivers at Advanced Health Care was basically the same as Gentiva’s and I felt comfortable referring clients and caregivers to them. In my position now, I do Intake for Gentiva and frequently receive calls from people requesting hourly care. I always refer them to Advanced Health Care. I have to give them at least three names, but Advanced Health Care is the #1 name I give them.”

Linda Duncan, RN, BSN
Intake Specialist
, Gentiva®