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Guest Blog: Here come the holidays. Now add a pinch of Family Dynamics.

Take a cup of family love and caring, a tablespoon of stress, a basket of concerns with fears surrounding aging and current or future care needs. Mix in different personalities and opinions. What do you get? Family Dynamics. Read More

Caregivers Honored at Awards Banquet Held in Their Honor

Congratulations to AHC nursing assistants who were honored at the recent Senior Action Network (SAN) Caregiver Recognition Dinner in Thurston County. We are so proud of you! See full article from Read More

AHC Employee Alanna Hines Finds Success with Help from ProCare Academy of Washington

We are so proud of our employee Alanna Hines! See full article from Read More

You Visited Aging Loved Ones Over the Holidays, ‘Now What?’

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Click (more) to learn tips on how to select and hire the right home care agency:

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Your Home Care Success Team – AHC Nurses Article: From Left: Sharla, Julie, Debra, Maggie and Judy share their years of experience with each other to provide comprehensive care to their clients. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis – Read More