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An Open Letter to Our Community

June 5, 2020 

It is with heavy hearts that we write to you.  The horrific crimes and events of the last several weeks are intolerable and unacceptable.  We hurt for those involved, their families and all of society affected by these unspeakable acts.  It is hard, in times like these, to find the good in the world. 

As an employer of a diverse workforce, and a health care provider to a diverse and vulnerable population, Advanced Health Care has long been sensitive to racial, ethnic, gender and cultural differences.  It has always been part of our mission and company’s ethical policy to treat all people, our employees, clients, and families, honestly, openly and without discrimination.   

We know that the Black community needs our support, now and always.  Not only to stand with them against systemic racism, but to tangibly do our part to make things better. And we have not done enough.  It is up to all of us to make changes, not only in how we conduct ourselves and our businesses, but how we think and feel and listen as people. 

We want you to know that Advanced Health Care stands against racism, and we believe that all lives cannot matter until Black and minority lives matter.  Do we do this perfectly?  Do we always understand?  Do we have the right answers?  No, to all these questions.  But, we can listen, and we can ask questions and we can have empathy.  For our society to survive and heal we must all be part of the change.  Advanced Health Care is committed to standing in solidarity with the Black community, our employees, our clients, and families and to do our part to make this world a better place. 


Julianne Ferguson, Ron Bode, Sharla Bode, and Lynessa Stone
Advanced Health Care Board of Directors 

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COVID-19 Corporate Response

Just as we have since 1984, we continue to provide compassionate in home care and nursing services to our clients.

We continue to monitor the progression of the Coronavirus, COVID-19, to ensure that we have the most accurate and latest information on the threat of the virus.  As you know, this situation continues to develop rapidly as new cases are identified in our communities and our protocols will be adjusted as needed.  We are following updates and procedures from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), State Department of Health, local and county authorities, the Home Care Association of America, and other agencies and resources.  Our response and plans may adjust accordingly to the recommendations given.


  • All caregivers follow established protocol regarding staying home when sick. This practice is not new to our staff.
  • We believe that home remains the safest place for people to be, as indications show that the virus is spread more quickly in facilities and larger group or public settings. Possible exposure will remain the lowest for those who are able to stay home with limited outside contact. For this reason, we feel fortunate to be able to provide care than can keep people at home or limited exposure in group settings through personalized care and support.  We don’t want anyone we serve to feel isolated.
  • For clients we serve who reside in facilities or other group-type living situations, we will work closely with facility staff and follow any protocols, exchange of information, or other guidelines as necessary.
  • Depending on the severity of the spread of illness, or the response taken by national and state authorities (ex: closure of schools, mandatory isolation, etc.), our staffing levels may be affected. As a result, we may be unable to cover all current client shifts or take on new cases as quickly as we normally would. We will work within our emergency preparedness action plan to ensure that all clients with the highest priority of need for caregivers will have their shifts covered at all times.  Those with lower priority needs (i.e. those with local family able to help, companionship only clients, etc.), may be affected first.

Our desire is to keep all of our employees healthy so that we can provide direct care for the clients and families we are entrusted to care for.  We are busy focusing our efforts internally so that our current families and clients are served.  That is, and remains, our highest priority right now.

Please reach out with any questions and let us know how we may help you during this time.


The Owners of Advanced Health Care


Julianne Ferguson, Administrator

Sharla Bode, V.P. of Clinical Operations

Lynessa Stone, V.P. of Marketing

Ron Bode, Founder


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